Aussie Pagans

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Hi and welcome to Aussie Pagans. A place for Pagans from Australia.

I set up this community because the ones I looked at had a lot of "hi I'm new" rather than a source of information and genuine discussion. Anyone is welcome to join.

For starters this journal will be a place for information. Discussions are always welcome. Corrections are also welcome (as long as you aren't rude about it). There are a few guidelines that should be noted.
- Please give credit when you can for information you have posted. Especially if it is from a book.
- Please add tags to your posts (when I get to it there will be some preset tags)
- No trolling, no flaming. You do either off these you will only get one warning then you are banned.
- No patronising. I know for sure that there is a lot covered by the term 'Paganism' and so there are things I don't know as there are things you don't know. Having said that, ignorance will not cover 'fluffy'. Sorry to break it to some of you but it isn't all light and love.
- Please, if the content is large, use a little commen sense and use a LJ-Cut.